Cement Services

The specialised cement services guarantee our clients fundamental actions to understand their needs and proactively present products and solutions that can contribute to the development of their business.
  • Technical Support

    We provide technical support to our customers by making available to them a team of professionals who integrate a pre-sale and post-sale service. This includes direct contact with the customer, laboratory support (common analyses and tests), complaints handling and specialised technical assistance.
  • Sales Service

    Secil Cimento Sales Service guarantees individualised follow-up for its customers, providing all the pre-sales and post-sales service, by personal visits, or remotely through its regional offices in the South, Centre and North. The cement sales service is structured by retail, industry and large distribution.
  • Logistics

    Transport and Warehouse Network

    With supply points from North to South and from the Coast to the Inland, we present the largest cement distribution network in Portugal, facilitating logistics management for our customers, who save time in collecting and transporting cement to the job site. We also have a transport service available in appropriate tanker trucks with a capacity of 27 tonnes. With a focus on reducing environmental impact, we give priority to rail and sea transport for supplying cement to the Warehouses.

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