Mortars Services

The services provided by SecilTek are composed of several areas such as innovation and development, technical and commercial managers who ensure the development of new and innovative products, customer support in pre-sale and post-sale for resellers, or technical support on-site.
  • Equipment Technical Assistance

    SecilTek offers bulk supply for some specific products. We have a specialised team that makes the delivery, collects the bulk product equipment, trains the teams on-site and provides technical assistance to the equipment. For more information, please contact SecilTek commercial team.
  • On-site Technical Support

    Secil's technical managers guarantee specialised on-site support in various construction areas such as thermal solutions, rehabilitation, renovation, bonding systems, waterproofing, microcement, flooring, bagged concrete, concrete repair or masonry. Through this team, we monitor your project, from the technical training of the teams in the field, with a detailed explanation of solutions/products, to the final application process.
  • Commercial Support

    A SecilTek é dinamizada por uma equipa comercial que promove a proximidade com os clientes, reconhecendo as necessidades e soluções mais indicadas para cada projeto e garantindo uma resposta rápida e eficaz no apoio técnico.

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