Aggregated Services

Secil Agregados provides services associated with the operation of quarries, such as blasting, loading and transport, and crushing. It is also licensed to receive construction and demolition waste, CDWs.
  • Dismantling Services

    The technical staff of Secil Agregados' Quarrying Services assists the customer in sizing the most appropriate fire diagram for each situation. The blasting service includes drilling to the linear metre, explosive supply, loading and detonation of the explosive charge. We have at our disposal instruments to track the dimensions of the benches (3D laser profiler) and to validate the quality of the drilling (boretrak). We also have the necessary tools for using electronic detonators. In all the explosive blasts carried out, the vibrations caused by the blasts are monitored using engineering seismographs.
  • CDWs Reception

    Secil Agregados is licensed to receive construction and demolition waste, CDW. CDWs can be recovered in the replacement of natural aggregates or for the replacement of material in the landscape recovery of quarries. Contact our sales team for information.
  • Commercial Support

    We have a sales team with in-depth knowledge of this market, which identifies customer needs and provides pre-sales and post-sales support, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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