Secil Portugal

A history of more than 100 years.
About us

It was in 1906, near Serra da Arrábida, that the first Secil Portugal factory was born (Outão). Being Portugal its country of origin, Secil's development did not stop there, since it has broadened its horizons beyond its borders in the last two decades. 

It currently operates three cement plants in Portugal: Outão, Maceira, and Cibra. In the international market, it is present in Angola, Tunisia, Lebanon, Cape Verde, Netherlands, and Brazil.

Through its eight cement plants and its presence in seven countries and four continents, Secil Group guarantees an annual cement production capacity of over 9 million tons.

  • Secil Portugal activities

    The business group's activities are essentially based on the production and sale of cement, ready-mix concrete, aggregates, mortar, concrete precast products and hydraulic lime. Additionally, Secil also includes companies operating in complementary areas such as the development of solutions in the field of environmental preservation and the use of waste as an energy source.
  • Secil Portugal brands

    Linked to each business area there are specific Secil Group brands that stand out for their excellence and professionalism in each of its activities: Secil Cimento: cement; SecilTek: mortars; Secil Betão: concrete; Secil Agregados: aggregates.