New construction

Holy Trinity Church

An admirable, bold project, with huge aesthetic and functional requirements, designed so that pilgrims can express their faith in good, comfortable conditions, and even in adverse weather conditions.
  • Location Fátima
  • Construction Period 2004-2007
  • Client Santuário de Fátima
  • Project Eng. José Mota Freitas — ETECLDA
  • Architecture Arch. Alexandros Tombazis – Meletitiki
  • Construction Area 40 000m²
  • Grey Concrete 45 000m³
  • White Concrete 7 000m³
  • Recognition Prémio Secil Engenharia Civil 2007
About the Holy Trinity Church

Designed for durability:

Planned to last more than 100 years, thus special care needed to be taken in the design, project, selection of materials, production and control, as well as in the adoption of additional measures.