New construction

Casa das Histórias Paula Rego

Paula Rego wanted to respond to the demands of museological functionality together with the need to provide good visitor reception. The red pigment was chosen to contrast with the green of the forest.
  • Location Cascais
  • Construction Period 2008-2009
  • Client Cascais City Council
  • Architecture Project Architect Eduardo Souto Moura
  • Engineering Project AFA Consult
  • Construction Area 2 650m²
  • Concrete Volume 2 950 m³ (720 m³ coloured and 2 230 m³ grey)
  • Recognition Secil Architecture Award 2010
About Casa das Histórias Paula Rego

Based on a survey of the trees, the Architect developed a set of volumes with different heights, with the intention of creating a contrast between cement and nature.


The main focus was that each room should open out into the garden.