CEM I 52.5R

High-strength Portland cement, suitable for the manufacture of very high-performance structural concrete and for heavy-duty prefabrication with prestressing.

Available colours:
  • Grey
Available formats:
  • Bulk
Product features:
  • Very high mechanical strength
  • High heat of hydration
  • Very sensitive to the curing process (concrete)
  • Allows addition of latent hydraulic materials
  • Compatible with the use of chemical additives

More about the CEM I 52.5R

CEM I 52.5R is a high-performance grey cement, especially recommended for the production of special concrete for large engineering works.

As a product of extraordinary performance, CEM I 52.5R cement is used in ready-mixed concrete or concrete made on site with high initial or final strength; very early-age prestressed concrete; concrete applied in cold weather; and in heavy-duty prefabrication with high casting turnover.

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