White concrete suitable for works of high prestige and visibility, which stands out for their aesthetic and technical value.

Available colors:
  • White
Available formats:
  • Ready mixed
Product features:
  • No coatings required
  • Structural and architectural function
  • High durability
  • Variety of finishes
  • Easy maintenance
  • More sustainable

More about UNIBRANCO®

UNIBRANCO® is a white structural concrete, for visible application, made with white cement. Resistant and elegant, it combines structural and covering functions, without the use of other materials, proving to be a sustainable solution.

The use of white cement offers versatile solutions allowing it to assume the widest variety of shapes and textures, combining different effects of light and shadow.

Technical information
Uses: It can be used in any structural elements, such as building facades, viaducts, urban furniture, monuments, etc.
Application: Pumpable product
Standard: NP EN 206-1
Format: Ready-mixed concrete

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