Redur PK 15

White-coloured thin layer plastering mortar. Designed for executing light sanded finishes on surfaces with filling and/or flattening mortar of the REDUR H-ONE type, ready to be painted.

Available colours:
  • White
Available formats:
  • Bag
Product features:
  • Water repellent
  • Fine sanded texture
  • Excellent profitability
  • Speed of use
  • Homogeneous texture and high level of finish

More about Redur PK 15

REDUR PK 15 is formulated from mixed binders, siliceous and water-repellent aggregates and additives. 

It is a thin water-repellent plaster with a very thin layer (2 to 3 mm) to obtain a fine sanded finish on interior and exterior surfaces. 

 It has the following benefits: 

  • Speed of use; 
  • Excellent profitability; 
  • Homogeneous and high-quality texture.
Technical specifications


General purpose (GP) plastering mortar for interior and exterior coatings

Suitable for: 

New construction and renovation




EN 998-1


25 kg bag | Plasticised pallets with 60 bags of 25 kg

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