Redur Médio Interior

Dry plastering mortar, intended for medium sanded finish plasters on walls and ceilings, indoors, allowing them to be painted or a tinned finish to be added.

Available colours:
  • Grey
Available formats:
  • Bag
  • Bulk
Vantagens do Produto:
  • Medium sanded texture
  • Sprayed
  • High yield
  • Carefully-selected ingredients

More about Redur Médio Interior

REDUR MÉDIO INTERIOR is a dry mortar, formulated from hydraulic binders, limestone and siliceous aggregates and admixtures, intended for exterior and interior plasters.

It replaces traditional plasters with the following benefits:

  • Cracking control by shrinkage of hydraulic mortars; 
  • Application in a single layer system, eliminating the need for roughcasting or splashing (except on concrete substrates).


It can be applied directly on substrates in which the masonry elements are ceramic brick or cement block or on concrete. 

Technical specifications


General purpose (GP) plastering mortar for interior coatings

Suitable for: 

New construction and renovation




EN 998-1


25 kg bag | Plasticised pallets with 60 bags | 25 kg buckets | Bulk

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