White Structural S-Concrete

Pre-dosed dry white concrete especially suitable for the construction of structural elements or constructions in exposed concrete on walls and floors.

Available colours:
  • White
Available formats:
  • Bag
Product features:
  • Easy application and transport
  • High mechanical strength
  • Aesthetic enhancement
  • High plasticity
  • Good durability

More about White Structural S-Concrete

WHITE STRUCTURAL S-CONCRETE is made from hydraulic binders, white cement, limestone and siliceous aggregates with a maximum grain size of 10 mm and powdered admixtures that contribute to a correct rheology of the fresh concrete, facilitating its application and providing excellent performance in terms of durability.

It is suitable for carrying out work on current constructions, filling floors, walls, prefabricated parts or on-site concreting of structural elements, among others.

It is a dry concrete, only needing the addition of water in order to be applied, advisable for works involving minor concreting where using a concrete mixer truck is not an advantage due to difficult access conditions or prohibitive distances from the plant.

Technical specifications
Use:Suitable for the execution of structural or decorative elements on walls or floors
Suitable for:
Exterior and interior
Easy application, just add water
Standard:EN 206-1
25 kg bags | Shrink-wrapped pallets of 60 bags

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