New Secil Bags 0% Plastic

SECIL is committed to promoting the Sustainability of its activity and, in addition to having several ongoing projects and investments aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, continues to value biodiversity, use more energy from renewable sources and increase the circularity of processes and resources. This is the only way to ensure the best and most sustainable products and solutions for cement-based construction materials.


In this sense, SECIL innovates again, making the new cement bags more environmentally friendly. Considering that small gestures also result in big changes, we have removed the plastic from its interior, reducing the use of 96,000 kg of plastic every year.


Thanks to continuous investment in technological development, SECIL has progressively used a stronger and more resistant paper, ensuring the same level of protection in the cement. All to ensure the confidence of its customers in a product 100% Portuguese.


To disseminate this movement into the market and encourage small sustainable gestures, in early March, SECIL launched the campaign NEW SECIL BAGS 0% PLASTIC, betting on multi-media dissemination that includes outdoor, press and digital.


A more sustainable packaging, your cement of all time.

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