Secil Brands

Several brands come together as one: Secil Portugal.
Secil Portugal and its brands

Throughout its years of activity, the Secil Group has felt the need to specify its brands to meet the particular characteristics of each of its areas of activity.

  • Secil Cimento: cement
  • SecilTek: mortars;
  • Secil Betão: concrete;
  • Secil Agregados: aggregates.
  • Secil Cimento

    Secil Cimento produces a wide range of grey and white cements, with applications ranging from small to large civil engineering works. In addition to cements, it also markets hydraulic lime, a binder with a wide use, and also natural hydraulic lime, the result of a research and development process in the Secil Group. For 90 years we have been one of the largest cement suppliers in our country.
  • SecilTek

    SecilTek was born to meet the challenges of new construction and is an evolution of the previous brand Secil Argamassas. It is attentive to market trends, with a sharp vision for the future, reinforced by the experience of more than 125 years of presence in the Portuguese market. It is a pioneer in the production of Natural Hydraulic Lime (NHL) and industrial dry mortars in Portugal. With a restructured product portfolio, SecilTek's offer of construction solutions is complete and suited to the needs and high demands of the market.
  • Secil Betão

    Secil Betão was founded in 1974 within the scope and with capital originating from the then Cinorte - Companhia de Cimentos do Norte. However, it was only ten years later, in 1984, that it became part of the holdings held by Secil in the sector. If at that time it could be considered a small company with only five plants - Braga (the first of Secil Betão), Viana do Castelo, Vila da Feira, Vila Nova de Gaia, and Sines -, since then there has been continuous growth allied to an expansion of its range of action, either by the purchase of other companies or by the assembly of new plants.
  • Secil Agregados

    Secil Agregados has developed based on market needs and mainly through the identification of innovative products, partnerships with companies transforming products such as crushed aggregates in shale, rolled aggregates, derived from the production of blocks with different finishes (masonry, cubes, perpent stone, slabs, and guides). It currently has a team specialized in this type of production with in-depth knowledge of these exploitation methods. It has 9 quarries with granite and limestone extraction capacity.