Waste Oil Characterization Workshop

Outão Quality Control Laboratory decided to organize in 2010 a Round Robin Test of waste oils.

We had a total of 28 laboratories participating.  The test consisted on the determination, on 3 samples, of: water content, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulphur and calorific value.

During the round robin some questions and doubts were raised by the participants due to the characteristics of this kind of material.

So we decided to organize a workshop to discuss and share experiences concerning this type of material, its preparation and analyses, in other to prepare a new round robin in the near future.



Session 1 – Waste Oil 2010 Round Robin
Session 2 - Waste oil test methods implemented Outão Quality Control Lab
Session 3 - Elemental analysis things to take care on combustion
Session 4 – Waste oil characterization XRF analysis
Session 5 - PCB's identification in complex materials using GCxGC analysis
Session 6 - The next round robin plan

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