Secil is committed to operating within a balanced framework of sustainable development, with a view to establishing and maintaining high standards of Health and Safety at Work (HSW), in order to minimize accidents and occupational diseases amongst its workers, customers, service providers and others.

A high standard of HSW: the Duty and Responsibility of the entire Secil Workforce

Secil regards the Health and Safety of its workforce as a key factor in the company’s success. It will therefore provide them with training and information, encouraging involvement and participation in work to improve HSW.

Achieving a high standard of HSW should be regarded as the duty and responsibility of all Secil’s employees, at all levels of the organization.

Integration of Health and Safety at Work in Development Strategies

As part of its development policy, Secil is committed to identifying and minimising risks, by adapting equipment and working techniques compatible with the relevant legislation and the applicable HSW regulations.

HSW aims and goals are therefore established on the basis of a survey of the most significant risks, and these objectives are achieved by implementing the health and safety at work management plan, as monitored by the annual system audit.

Disclosure of the Health and Safety at Work Policy

Secil’s communication policy assures ongoing dialogue with its workforce and other parties concerned, with regard to relevant information on Health and Safety at Work. The company also encourages its suppliers to adopt practices consistent with its own health and safety at work policy.

Quality Policy

Our Commitment: Full customer satisfaction

Secil’s fundamental guiding principle is to convey to its clients a sense of confidence in its technical and organizational capacity to supply, consistently and systematically, the level of quality required to meet their needs and expectations.

Quality: A Task for the Entire Secil Workforce

Secil regards its workforce as a key factor for the company’s success. It will therefore further its employees’ development and encourage them to take part in analyzing, preparing and implementing activities to improve quality.

Partnership with Customers and Suppliers

Secil is committed to using the capabilities and knowledge of its technical staff to search for ways of integrating our aims with those of our customers and suppliers, seeking to anticipate their needs and to exceed their expectations.

Continuous Improvement of Products and Services

Secil will systematically optimize its processes and operational procedures, through careful planning and full use of its technical and human resources, with a view to continuously improving its products and services, whilst complying at all times with the relevant legislation and regulations.

On the basis of review of product requirements, process indicators, audit findings and the effectiveness of improvements, assessed through the annual system review, Secil will set quality aims and establish the quality management plan to assure continuous improvements in system effectiveness.

Sustained Development

Secil will seek to optimize the use of available resources, in strict compliance with the principles of eco-efficiency and social responsibility.

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