Directors Report 2015

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Directors Report 2014

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Directors Report 2013

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Rio + 20 Conference: What Challenges and Opportunities?

Secil Case Study, click here.


Engineering Day at Tektónica: The Portuguese Engineering in the World - Internationalization and Export

Secil - Innovation to Export. Click here.


Secil Architecture Award 2010

Secil and Order of Architects announce that Secil Architecture Prize 2010 was awarded by the Jury to the House of Stories Paula Rego, a work by the architect Eduardo Souto de Moura. More information click here.


Waste Oil Characterization Workshop

5th of May, SECIL S.A. Setúbal, PORTUGAL
This workshop aimed to be a discussion platform for the exchange of experiences concerning preparation and analyses of waste oil. Based on the 2010 Round Robin and having in mind the preparation of another round robin in the near future.
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Sustainability at Secil
Read more about Secil’s work in the field of sustainable development, energy and waste management. To view the public declarations made by the company’s managers on these issues, click here.


SECIL and Algafuel’s Project receives the International
Environmental Award in Paris

Environmental Innovation for Europe Award (EEP AWARDS 2009) for the CO2 captation and biomass production project through the industrial production of microalgae developed by the Secil and AlgaFuel partnership in the Cibra-Pataias Plant.

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Cooperation Protocols

Secil Cooperation Protocols renewed with more than 80 Associations in Setúbal.
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It‘s already available the new white cement website

Secil has developed a website exclusive for white cement.
More details in www.cibra.pt


Risk Assessement document included in the Environmental Impact

To acess the Risk Assessement document included in the Environmental Impact Study
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Environmental Impact Study
View our Environmental Impact Study about the co-incineration of hazardous industrial waste in our Secil Outão Plant, clicking here.


Contact directly the ECC of Secil Outão Plant

The Environmental Consultative Commission of Secil Outão Plant has, from today on, an email address for direct access of all the interested in its activity. To send an email click here.


Safe co-incineration
Learn about hazardous industrial waste, how it is co-incinerated in cement kilns and why this is considered throughout Europe to be a safe and inoffensive process for health and the environment. Click here to read the online version of the brochure…


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